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Your trusted ally for global visa solutions and entry permits.

Planning a trip, to the Dominican Republic and you are in need of assistance with your visa application? Visit www.dominicanrepubliceticket.us, the evisa expert and get all the needed information. 

Our goal is to simplify the visa application process for travelers like yourself. Our online services are tailored to guide you through each stage of the application. 

Our team ensures all information is accurate provides support with form completion and offers translation services for clarity. 

Should additional details be required we will contact you via phone or email. Your application will undergo review by an immigration expert before submission, to the Government for approval. 

While approval lies in the hands of the Government our expertise ensures that no errors are going to be in the application submission. In instances applications are immediately approved. 

Keep in mind that incomplete or inaccurate applications may cause delays; however rest assured our team will assist throughout the process.

Once your eVisa is ready and approved we’ll shoot it over to your inbox complete, with all the ins and outs on how to make the most of it for your journey to the Dominican Republic. 

Our company has got bases in the United States and Europe so you can count on us round the clock. You can drop by our digs at 10661 North Kendall Drive, Suite 206 A, Miami, FL 33176. Hit us up via phone at +1 (954) 769 0584 or shoot us an email at info@dominicanrepubliceticket.us.

We cater to folks from 30 different countries. Our crew is fluent in more than ten different languages. With a team of over 40 experts burning the midnight oil we’re about meticulously reviewing, editing, correcting, analyzing and processing visa applications to ensure an experience for our clientele.

Whether you’re flying solo or representing an organization we’ve got your back, with your visa application. Just bear in mind that if you go directly through the Government route you’ll be missing out on our tailored travel support services. 

Our top notch assistance comes with a price tag of $52. Trust us when we say that the peace of mind and convenience we offer are worth every penny.

The Dominican e Ticket Application

Welcome, to our user platform tailored to simplify the completion and submission of your Dominican e-Ticket application. We understand the challenges often linked with immigration paperwork so we’ve created a to use experience for travelers like yourself to focus on enjoying your vacation than dealing with bureaucratic hassles.

Be assured that when you submit your Dominican e Ticket application through us every detail is thoroughly checked before being sent to the authorities. Your personal information is treated with care and precision and your e Ticket registration seamlessly connects with your passport for improved efficiency and accuracy.

In instances applicants can expect to receive their Dominican e Ticket in 24 hours ensuring quick access to your travel documents. With our expert support you can confidently prepare for your trip to the Dominican Republic knowing that your paperwork is being handled competently.


Transparency is key, at our company when it comes to the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) application process. We aim for our customers to have an understanding of all associated costs without any hidden charges or unexpected fees.

When you apply for an ETA with us you’ll encounter an one time payment structure. 

This payment covers our processing service charge, which can go, up to $52. Furthermore if you opt for processing an additional “Urgent processing fee” will apply. In addition to these service charges there are government fees involved in reviewing your application.

With us your travel authorization comes with a 100% risk guarantee; If we are unable to secure your travel permit for any reason you will receive a refund of what you paid.

We make sure that the total cost of your Electronic Travel Authorization application is clearly stated on the payment page. This allows you to check and confirm the amount before entering your payment details giving you peace of mind and confidence, in our pricing policy.

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Meet our group of professionals comprising specialists, in law travel enthusiasts and experts in digital certificates. They are committed, to offering you service at every stage of your journey.

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