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e Ticket Dominican Republic

Apply today for your online travel permit – Dominican e-Ticket

e Ticket Dominican Republic

Apply today for your online travel permit – Dominican e-Ticket

To enter and leave the Dominican Republic.

For Tourism, Business, or Medical travel

Available online only


The e-Ticket is an online document issued by the Dominican government to track the flow of tourists entering and exiting the country. Every visitor to the Dominican Republic should complete two e-Tickets’ application forms:

  • Arrival e-Ticket (for entering the country)
  • Departure e-Ticket (for leaving the country)

The Dominican e-Ticket is obligatory, and failing to obtain one will either prevent you from entering or exiting the Dominican Republic.

If you already know the date of leaving the country, you can combine your entry and exit declaration in a single application.

Why Use Our Consultancy Services?

While the official site provides the necessary forms and instructions, many users experience issues such as:

Complexity of Forms

The official forms can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

Technical Glitches

The official site often experiences technical problems, leading to delays.

Language Barriers

The official site may not provide adequate support for non-Spanish speakers.

Lack of Support

Limited customer support is available to assist with questions or issues.

Benefits of Using Our Service

Apply in Three Easy Steps


Complete the online form

  • Go to the application page.
  • Add your personal details: names, email, passport number, occupation.
  • Choose the arrival/departure date.
  • Add the local address of stay.

Pay online

  • Use your debit or credit card to pay the service fee.
  • Or pay online using your PayPal account.

Receive the e-Ticket

  • Receive your personal e-Ticket as a QR Code by email.
  • Store it and be ready to present it upon request by your airline and local authorities.

Practical Tips About Filling Out


  • Ensure all travelers entering the country follow the proper procedures.
  • When filling out the application form, please be sure to choose as city you live in, the nearest large city in your state or province.
  • For vacation rentals, request the complete address in the Dominican Republic from your host.
  • Only adults need to fill out the Customs section; children are exempt.
  • Print or take a screenshot of the QR codes for arrival and departure.
  • Passengers on private flights or non-commercial vessels must use physical forms instead of the e-Ticket.

What is the e Ticket Dominican Republic?

Travelers entering the Dominican Republic must present an e-ticket as of April 1st, 2021. This applies to all eligible travelers regardless of their nationality or country of origin.

The D.R. electronic ticket has been implemented by the Dominican Migration authorities in cooperation with Customs and the Health Ministry, according to national laws number 285-04, 115-17, 72-02, and 226-06

Requirements for Entering the Dominican Republic with an E-Ticket

The e-ticket must include:

  • Name of traveler(s)
  • Date and time of arrival and departure
  • Flight number
  • Airline name
  • Origin and destination airports
  • Flight ticket details
  • Payment confirmation receipt

Travelers must present the same e-ticket used for booking the flight upon entry into the Dominican Republic. Any changes made to the ticket after booking will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dominican e-Ticket is mandatory for:

  • Foreign tourists and visitors
  • Dominican Republic nationals
  • Adults and children
  • People of all professions

The e-Ticket is an online document containing personal information on the traveler including:

  • Names
  • E-mail
  • Arrival and departure dates

This data may be kept by the Dominican authorities for both statistical and security reasons

The e-Ticket is not a visa. You can enter the Dominican Republic with only this document as long as you are a citizen of a country eligible for passing the border without a travel visa. All other visitors will have to obtain a valid travel visa along with their e-Tickets.

The Dominican e-Ticket is an online document with your personal information and details on your stay to the Dominican Republic. The travel visa, on the other hand, is a travel permit issued by the Dominican Republic via its Embassies and Consular offices. It allows certain nations to visit the country. Although the visa may or may not be necessary depending on your nationality, the e-Ticket is mandatory for everyone.

As travel requirements can change at any moment, we advise you to check with both the nearest Dominican Republic Embassy and your Exterior Ministry when preparing for your trip.

You can obtain your Dominican e-Ticket via the application form on our website. It combines three documents now under the same form:

  • Boarding and Disembarkation Card
  • Traveler’s Health Affidavit
  • Customs Declaration Form

Once the form is completed, you will have to confirm the provided information and then pay the service fee. During the next 24 hours, you will receive your e-Ticket under the form of a QR Code to your email.

If no additional information is needed from you, your e-Ticket will be sent by email in a matter of 24 hours upon receiving your payment.

Yes. You will have to complete a new application form for each member of your travel group. Note that children under the age of 18 are exempt from the Customs part of the Application form.

Yes. As the Dominican e-Ticket is valid for the period of stay in the country, you will have to apply and obtain a new one each time you enter the country.

If you need information on your application or on any other subject related to the Dominican Republic e-Ticket, feel free to contact us. One of our representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. You can apply by adding only the date of arrival to the Dominican Republic. Later, you can write us back with your leaving date and we will pull an approved e-ticket for your departure and send it to you by email.

Every applicant will receive two QR Codes from us – one for entering and one for exiting the Dominican Republic. Although every visitor needs to obtain their own e-Ticket to enter and exit the Dominican Republic, it is possible for the members of the same travel party to complete a group application. In this case, there will be only one entry and one exit QR Code for all of them, with the names of the travelers listed on the same document.

The Dominican Republic e-Ticket is free and can be obtained from the official website. Many travellers prefer to use our consultancy service to maximize the chances of successful application, for speed of completion, and ease of use. Our consultancy fee is $52 USD.

Since the processing of an authorization to travel to D.R. involves a cost sustained at the time of the request, unfortunately, refunds are not possible later than application time. The applicant can receive a full refund only if his/her e-ticket is not approved or if the request for a refund is received before the commencement of application processing.